Selected Recent Articles

2018-01-29 18.15.28

Climate Lens: Birth of a Post-Nation,” Howlround, April 2017

Ocean-Oriented Ontologies: Performing Interspecies Diplomacy in Anthropocenic Waters.”  I Routledge Companion to the Environmental Humanities, edited by Ursula Heise. 2017.

The Fifth Wall: The Dramaturgy of Climate Change,” Howlround, April 2016

“Conference as Confluence: Fluid States in The Cook Islands.” 31 July 2015. PSi#21 Fluid States – Cook Islands – Oceanic Performance Biennal.

“Include Everything.” An interview with Una Chaudhuri, by Bronwyn Preece and Jess Owen, in Special Issue of Performing Ethos: An International Journal of Ethics in Theatre & Performance.  Forthcoming, August 2015

The Sun’ll Be Hotter Tomorrow: Growing Up with Climate Chaos” in Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental HumanitiesVolume 2, Number 1. June, 2015






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