With Marina Zurkow

Dear Climate: “The old joke—’Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it’—isn’t so funny anymore. Lots of people are trying to do something about the weather. Climate change is on the geopolitical agenda, if only in time for us to realize that it’s too late to do anything meaningful. Maybe the problem’s not that no one’s been doing anything about the weather, but that we’ve been talking about it in the wrong way: the old ‘let’s fix it’ way. Now that the weather’s changed, is it also time to change the way we talk about it?” more…

Zoöpolis: “A collaborative work-in-progress, Zoöpolis is located at the intersections of urban theory, site-specific eco-art, and the emerging inter-disciplinary academic field of animal studies. Our point of departure is the recognition that, while the modern city is an animal habitat as much as a human one, urban animality is both physically and conceptually constricted: each category of animals is confined within an identity which is also a location: pets in the home, meat in the freezer, pests out of sight. Refusing this restrictive spatialization of species, Zoöpolis seeks to imagine the city as a space of shared animality, an eco-system capable of supporting the lives, pleasures, and freedoms not only of its human citizens but also of an expanded population of members of other species. The project draws its inspiration—and its title—from urban theorist Jennifer Wolch’s similarly-titled article (1), which envisions a new “ethic, practice, and politics of caring for animals and nature” in the postmodern city.” more…



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